Trampoline Hall

Trampoline Hall is a Toronto-based monthly barroom lecture series wherein members of the public are curated into a night of non-expert lectures. Becky is the head of merchandising which means she makes monthly pinback buttons of all the lecturers and lecture topics. In 2007, she also compiled a one-night collection of 'comic stenography' of the show. She has also curated for the series, programming general lecture nights and more thematic experiments including a night about phobias, a biographical evening about her family and a show about money. For Trampoline Hall, Becky has also worked as a set designer, website artist and ticket designer/constructor.

Trampoline Hall Buttons by Becky Johnson

January 2012 Email Artwork by Misha Glouberman

April 2009 Money Button by Becky Johnson

April 2009 Money Tickets by Becky Johnson

May 2008 Web Artwork by Margaux Williamson

2007 Comic Zine compiled by Becky Johnson

2007 Comic Zine compiled by Becky Johnson

October 2009 Website Artwork by Becky Johnson