the sweetie pie press

The primary banner for Becky Johnson's craft output, the sweetie pie press comprises her work with zines, pinback buttons, commercial crochet products, illustrations, prints and other sundry ephemera. Under this banner, Becky has toured internationally and has attended more craft fairs than anyone on earth (a claim she will continue to make until challenged). She has also collaborated with various artists through the sweetie pie press in both submission-based zines and the commissioned artist button set series.

Charms Pinback Button Set designed by Sandi Falconer

High Street Pinback Button Set designed by Suzy Ultman

Cats Pinback Button Sets designed by Sarah McNeil

Fireworks Pinback Button Set designed by Ray Fenwick

Pin Pals Pinback Button Set designed by Sara Guindon

Chiogami Pinback Buttons manufactured by Becky Johnson